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Consulting - A full marketing strategy, editorial calendar and more for an international firm

Who was it for? Private Capital, an outstanding Evidence Based Investing (EBI) advisory firm, with offices in Hong Kong and the UK.

What did it involve? Consulting, core strategy production and documentation.

More details...

Like a lot of firms out there, Private Capital just needed a clear 'direction of travel' to put their significant expertise to work for their marketing.

Over a few months we got to know their business, their approach, their clients and what they wanted for the future. Together, we agreed what was needed, discussed the challenges, answered marketing questions they needed answering and moved towards having a plan.

The end result was three core documents and some supporting material. What you might call a 'marketing strategy in a box'!

Marketing strategy - This details all of our expertise and thinking in relation to Private Capital and their particular situation. Using the 'Attract, Convert, Close, Delight' model, the strategy identifies key activities to help each stage of the marketing process, providing the analysis and data to back up the recommendations. Each activity recommended has a 'next steps' section so that activities are progressed and come to fruition.

Marketing schedule - The strategy is the what, the schedule is the when! A full plan to roll out the activities in the strategy.

Editorial calendar - All modern marketing strategies need content. This document plans out the content needed, with SEO metrics to aid decision making.

If your firm could benefit from exactly this then why not drop us a line here.

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