Freelance prices are often complex, if they’re listed at all. Well not here. Be gone nonsensical freelance pricing.


Full day - £390

Half day - £220


That’s it, it really is as simple as that.


Oh, apart from the fact that I will also charge reasonable expenses. ‘Reasonable’ depends on where you are and what I’m doing for you. I’ll happily come to the Outer Hebrides or the USA (COVID-19 restrictions allowing), but I will charge for travel costs, accommodation and a travel day or two. If you’re in the UK we’re talking a few pounds in car mileage. If I’m working remotely (which I do with many clients) then the above rates are all you will ever see on an invoice from me.


Pricing FAQ (there’s only three, because the pricing is so simple!)


  • What do I get in exchange for a day of your time?

Each client I work with is completely different and therefore the outcomes are completely different. Here are some examples of what clients have previously received in exchange for my day rate.

  • Four short blogs (yes, really) on a relatively easy topic.

  • A 'quick wins', Attract, Convert, Close, Delight written inbound marketing document, with next actions for the client's internal marketers to follow.

  • Two longer blogs (1,000 words+) on a more complex topic.

  • What’s the easiest and cheapest way to find out if we’re right for each other?


Easy - just pay for a single day of my time. There’s no minimum purchase. So why don’t we just try a day and treat it as a trial? I promise I’ll work my arse off for you and you’ll have something great to show for it at the end. You could have the start to a strategy that you can continue on with. Or you could have anywhere between two and six blogs. Or we could have sorted some of your HubSpot out and you could well be on your way to inbound marketing nirvana.


  • What if I think I need less than half a day of your time?


I’m afraid half a day is the minimum purchase. Having worked in an agency for many years I can tell you from experience that hourly pricing works for no-one. Billing, purchasing and scoping to the hour is messy. Clients get frustrated by line-by-line breakdowns of work (to make sure every hour is charged and accounted for). Marketers, squeezed by the hour, do less work, less well. Charging a minimum of half a day protects us all from the tyranny of hourly charging (and keeps my pricing page as clear as this.)