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Freelance prices are often complex, if they’re listed at all. Well not here. Be gone nonsensical freelance pricing.

HubSpot consultancy/delivery full day - £490

HubSpot consultancy/delivery half day - £295

Copywriting full day - £390

Copywriting half day - £220


That’s it, it really is as simple as that.


Oh, apart from the fact that I will also charge reasonable expenses. ‘Reasonable’ depends on where you are and what I’m doing for you. I’ll happily come to the Outer Hebrides or the USA, but I will charge for travel costs, accommodation and a travel day or two. If you’re in the UK we’re talking a few pounds in car mileage. If I’m working remotely (which I do with many clients) then the above rates are all you will ever see on an invoice from me.


Pricing FAQ (there’s only three, because the pricing is so simple!)


  • What do I get in exchange for a day of your time?

Each client I work with is completely different and therefore the outcomes are completely different. Here are some examples of what clients have previously received in exchange for my day rate.

  • An on-site day to start a HubSpot roadmap to show how you can take your processes onto HubSpot and make it work better for you - these are normally finished in just two days.

  • Three short blogs (yes, really) on a relatively easy topic.

  • Two longer blogs (1,000 words+) on a more complex topic.

  • What’s the easiest and cheapest way to find out if we’re right for each other?


Easy - just pay for a single day of my time. So why don’t we just try a day and treat it as a trial? I promise I’ll work my tail off for you and you’ll have something great to show for it at the end. You could have the start to a strategy that you can continue on with. Or you could have a great piece of ghost writing. Or we could have sorted some of your HubSpot out and you could well be on your way to inbound marketing nirvana.


  • What if I think I need less than half a day of your time?


I’m afraid half a day is the minimum purchase. Having worked in an agency for many years I can tell you from experience that hourly pricing works for no-one. Billing, purchasing and scoping to the hour is messy. Clients get frustrated by line-by-line breakdowns of work (to make sure every hour is charged and accounted for). Marketers, squeezed by the hour, do less work, less well. Charging a minimum of half a day protects us all from the tyranny of hourly charging (and keeps my pricing page as clear as this.)

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