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Case study: automating key processes in HubSpot for a thriving SaaS business

"Thank you for everything! You've transformed our way of working and we've learned so much. I'm quite sure we will be in touch again for another project." - Clare Faulkner, Head of School Engagement

Challenges solved

  • "We know that we are only scratching the surface with what HubSpot has to offer with regards to automation and pipeline management and would appreciate some support in this."

  • Automation of key processes to move from a manually-driven system to full automation.

  • Co-ordination and guidance on linking core platform with HubSpot to create a unified central source of truth.

Who was it for? Developing Experts are an exciting SaaS business, providing schools with a dynamic, interactive science curriculum through their bespoke online platform, to better engage pupils.

In a nutshell... Developing Experts wanted to take the next steps with their HubSpot deployment, moving from manual management of key process to automation, through HubSpot. This included process around customer sign-up, trial communication, ongoing communication, renewal and retention.

More details... Developing Expert's HubSpot was doing a good job of managing contact data and providing some initial reporting and communication options. However, many of the key processes for the business were then carried out manually. This included sending manual communications at key times in a customers lifecycle with the business, such as during a free trial.

The team were looking for some help in creating those processes and then building them out as automations in HubSpot, so that HubSpot could start saving the team time to spend on more important activities.

To being with, we created a HubSpot Roadmap, so that all stakeholders were clear on the aims of the project and the benefits we'd be delivering. This also allowed us to prioritise, breaking down the work needed so that we'd see early benefits in the most important areas.

Having established what the processes needed to be, we then worked to create the right data in HubSpot, including providing guidance to the Developing Experts development team on integrating their platform to HubSpot.

With the data now accurate and arriving in HubSpot at the right moments, we created a series of workflows that helped the team to automate sign up processes and communications, trial management, trial close rate optimisation, renewal communications and process management and more.

With these steps automated and the work and progress of clients now clearly displayed within HubSpot, the team could clearly see and report on what was happening in the business. They also freed themselves from manual work to spend more time on value-add activities that helped a great business to continue to grow.


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