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Case study: ongoing HubSpot support

Challenges solved:

  • Initial optimisation of HubSpot, including; clear database segmentation, initial lead assignment, clear sales setup.

  • Advanced process development in HubSpot: creating a renewal engine, optimising onboarding engine and process, optimising integration.

  • Ongoing HubSpot support whenever a new challenge arises.

Who was it for? The Sustainability Group are the revolutionary, award-winning company behind FuturePlus, a sustainability management and reporting platform that allows companies to improve their environmental, social and financial performance.

In a nutshell... The incredible team of sustainability experts need to focus on helping companies to measure and improve on their sustainability goals, so they needed HubSpot to not only be well set up and optimised but also to know that someone was there if anything went wrong.

More details... We first produced a HubSpot roadmap for the team, detailing areas of improvement, following an in-depth exploration of how the business worked.

This allowed us to optimise HubSpot to work in exactly the way The Sustainability Group needed it to, rather than the team working around HubSpot's standard structure.

Most importantly, we also provide flexible ongoing support whenever something new arises in HubSpot that the team need help with.

The team can call or email whenever they need to and benefit from expert advice and, when they don't need to, they're not charged a support fee. Simple!

This means that when there's a problem or a new requirement The Sustainability Group get things fixed faster than HubSpot support or a major agency typically can and, when there's not a problem, the team don't pay anything extra to use the system that's been set up specifically for the growth of their business.

With sustainability on everyone's agenda for 2024 and beyond we're looking forward to seeing the team's growth over the coming years.


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