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Case study: a HubSpot rollout for a multi-billion dollar global organisation

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Who was it for? The Danaher Corporation are a US-based conglomerate with offices worldwide and 2021 group revenue of almost $30 billion.

What did it involve? HubSpot consulting and practical execution on a new business and product launch.

More details...

With a new business arm, launching a new product into a brand new market, Danaher had a significant project underway when we were engaged to assist.

With ambitious targets, Danaher wanted to be able to accurately track sales and revenue activity from sales agents, as well as digitise as much of the sales and delivery processes as possible.

The company had already undertaken significant custom HubSpot development, but were starting to come up against the limits of the software, as their product was launched and refinements to the process were needed.

We consulted across the team, with marketing and sales roles as well as with management and Danaher internal developers to scope and build the best possible HubSpot deployment, based on what the company already had, what they needed and where we could take HubSpot.

We then played a key part in the build and rollout of that system, leaving development work to Danaher's skilled team whilst building complex HubSpot workflows and data structures, along with reports. We provided system usage guidelines for users and remained available throughout the project to troubleshoot, answer queries, further scope improvements and carry out further practical work within HubSpot when needed.

If you want you HubSpot platform to work perfectly with your processes and help you to grow, then let's have a chat. I'm more than happy to talk you through what you can do with the software and provide initial feedback.


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