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Case study: a complicated roll-out of HubSpot

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Who was it for? Sense, a £30m+ turnover financial services network, based in Cheshire.

What did it involve? Consulting, copywriting, HubSpot set-up and scoping.

More details...

Sense purchased the full Growth Suite flavour of HubSpot which comes with HubSpot's Marketing Pro, Sales Pro and Service Pro products, as well as the HubSpot CMS. The vision was to roll out HubSpot across the organisation, using the software as a central platform to revolutionise their practices and procedures.

As a consultant on the project I created the plan for achieving Sense's end goal and then owned taking them through each part of the project step-by-step. This included copywriting marketing material where appropriate, but mainly involved getting to grips with the more complicated areas of both HubSpot and Sense's workflow.

In the above screenshot, for example, you can see one of the custom deal boards we created as part of this project. Sense have an extremely complicated sales cycle, which involves their prospects obtaining various rounds of regulatory sign-off and Sense ensuring meticulous record keeping and background checks. This was previously a paper-based undertaking, requiring a lot of manual labour and literal 'tick box' exercises. Now, the process takes place in a completely automated way, utilising the advanced functionality of HubSpot deals and HubSpot automation.

If you have a complicated sales cycle and you'd like to find out more about whether HubSpot can help then let's have a chat. I'm more than happy to talk you through what you can do with the software.


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