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Case study: creating highly specialised content for a niche financial planning firm

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Who was it for? Alexander Beard Group, an international financial planning firm, with offices in 8 countries.

What did it involve? Copywriting.

More details...

Alexander Beard Group (ABG) are a financial planning firm with some very specific content requirements.

The majority of the group's clients are individuals who frequently move across tax boundaries, becoming resident for a period in different international territories. This can create financial challenges for the individuals involved, particularly in relation to the taxation of their savings and pensions. Decisions such as where to store their investments can have major implications to the returns generated, due to the tax increase a wrong decision could create.

ABG specialise in helping these clients to make the right decision about their finances, whilst engaged in what is likely to be the biggest move of their lives. With such an important responsibility, ABG needed content that showed their expertise and which boiled down complex topics into easy to digest blogs, summarising key facets of their service.

On this page, you can read a series of these blogs, covering both in-depth financial concepts ('American Citizenship figures reflect looming FATCA influence for those with no tax plan') and more light-hearted topics related to moving abroad ('Which borough of New York should you live in?'). Many of these blogs went on to rank at or near the top of the Google SERPs at the time, delivering thousands of relevant clicks to ABG's website.


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