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Case study: creating regular communication with your clients

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Who was it for? DBL, a leading financial planning firm in Cheshire, UK.

What did it involve? Copywriting, creative guidance.

More details...

DBL wanted to communicate with their clients in a prestige manner, showcasing their knowledge via content and design.

Benchmark began several years ago as a regular print and online publication, delivered to DBL's clients around the country.

Today it is an ongoing regular publication, featuring interviews, in-depth financial articles, fiscal analysis and more.

I produce the vast majority of copy in each edition of Benchmark, conducting interviews and turning the results into compelling prose. I also produce the 'finance-heavy' articles, using my knowledge of financial services and the IFA market. In addition I provide creative guidance where there are opportunities for designers to optimised graphical layouts and make the content more compelling to the reader.


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